Best Shrimp Recipe for the Smoker

My best shrimp recipe is one of my favorite ways to cook shrimp. The mild hickory flavor is unmatched and the blend of flavors with the home made seasonings makes this one of the best smoked creations I've used.

Best Shrimp Recipe

The recipe came from a random one I found that I modified a little so I could try it in the smoker. I don't like really deep smoke flavor and many of my family and other guests have sensitive stomachs, so the method I use to keep the shrimp from absorbing too much smoke is perfect.

My secret is to use tin foil to wrap a batch of shrimp. When wrapping them, do so loosely and don't seal the ends of the foil so the smoke will still penetrate, but won't over smoke it. That and only apply wood for half the time (unless you are using a wood heated smoker).

This shrimp recipe also has ingredients to make a rémoulade sauce that everyone can dip the shrimp in while they are eating and enjoying the flavorful dinner.

Best Shrimp Recipe - Hickory Smoked Shrimp


One and a Half (1 1/2) Cups  Hickory Wood Chips

To Coat the Shrimp:

One and a Half (1 1/2) Teaspoons  Sweet Paprika  
One Half (1/2) Teaspoon  Sea Salt 
One Half (1/2) Teaspoon  Sage
One Half (1/2) Teaspoon  Ground Black Pepper
One Quarter (1/4) Teaspoon  Onion Powder
One Quarter (1/4) Teaspoon  Garlic Powder
One Quarter (1/4) Teaspoon  Thyme
One Quarter (1/4) Teaspoon  Oregano
One Quarter (1/4) Teaspoon  Ground Red Pepper
Two (2) Tablespoons Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
Three (3) Tablespoons Water
One and a Half (1 1/2) Pounds Large Shrimp, Peeled and Deveined


One Half (1/2) Cup Reduced-Fat Mayonnaise
Three (3) Tablespoons Finely Chopped Green Onions
Two (2) Tablespoons Finely Chopped Celery
Two (2) Tablespoons Ketchup
One (1) Tablespoons Finely Chopped Fresh Parsley
One (1) Tablespoons Capers, Chopped
One (1) Tablespoons Fresh Lemon Juice
One (1) Tablespoons Creole-Style Mustard
One (1) Teaspoon Minced or Crushed Horseradish
One (1) Teaspoon  Worcestershire Sauce
One (1) Garlic Clove, Minced
Two (2) Hard-Boiled Large Eggs


My best shrimp recipe was written for a Master-built Electric Smoker. You may have to modify times and basic instructions for the use with your smoker.

To prepare the wood chips, soak one and a half cups of Hickory flavored wood chips in water for 30 to 60 minutes and drain.

To prepare the best shrimp recipe for the smoker, combine paprika and the next eight (8) ingredients (through the ground red pepper). Combine olive oil and shrimp in a bowl, and stir to apply an even coat of oil over the shrimp.

Lay out foil on your preparation surface and place about ten (10) shrimp per sheet of foil. Roll up the edges around the shrimp so you won't lose any water out of it. Pour enough water in the foil over the shrimp to cover the bottom of the foil.

Sprinkle shrimp with the mixed rub ingredients over all of the shrimp and flip each one and repeat the rub sprinkle. Gently fold the foil over the top of the shrimp and make a foil tent. Fold up the sides of the foil so no liquid will escape, but don't completely seal it so the smoke enters the foil.

Place the shrimp tents in the refrigerator for thirty (30) minutes to marinade.

To prepare rémoulade, combine mayonnaise and the next 10 ingredients (through garlic) in a medium bowl. Remove yolks from hard boiled eggs and discard the yolks (or reserve for another use). Finely chop egg whites, and stir into rémoulade mixture. Cover and chill until ready to serve the shrimp.

Cooking the Hickory Smoked Shrimp:

Remove smoker rack, and set it on the kitchen counter. Turn on the smoker to 250 degrees. Place all of the prepared shrimp tents on one or two smoker racks.

Once the smoker reaches temperature, place the rack(s) of prepared shrimp in the smoker and shut the door. Turn the temperature down to 225 degrees and add hickory wood chips into the wood tray.

Place a handful of hickory wood chips in the wood try every 15 minutes throughout the cooking process. Smoke the shrimp for a total of 60 minutes or until shrimp are done (do not check them before 60 minutes).

Keep the shrimp in the foil, sealing the ends, until ready to serve.

Serve to your family and friends with the rémoulade.

Hope you like this recipe. It takes a little time but well worth the effort. Let me know if you have another best shrimp recipe and I'll add it to my website.

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