Stove Top Recipes for Dinner!

Stove top recipes are great because they are easy to cook and easy to clean up after. Everything is right there in the kitchen so you don't have to run all over the place from preparation to the act of cooking.

Stove Top Recipes

The recipes for cooking on the stove top can be fried, boiled, poached, and steamed; it gives you, as a cook, true versatility and flexibility when it comes to cooking dinner.

Most of the recipes I prepare are done on the grill or smoker, but occasionally I whip something up on the stove top and surprise even myself. My wife also cooks up some great dinners on the stove top and shares her recipes here. When thinking about a fast and easy dinner recipe, turning to stove top recipes is the preferred method.

There are many great meal ideas that can be created in a simple frying pan or pot. You can even make entire meals with all of the food groups all in one pan.

One important note whenever cooking on the stove top is to never leave the stove unattended. I've never have any luck doing anything else away from the kitchen while cooking; I usually burn something if I do leave.

The secret to perfectly cooked foods on the stove top is time. It only takes a few minutes to cook most recipes on the stove, so keep an eye on it.  Burnt dinner is never fun. It just causes you to spend more time finding something else to cook and actually cooking dinner again.

Here are some of the great recipes you can cook on the stove top to make the whole family happy. Just because it is cooked in a frying pan, doesn't mean it's all that unhealthy. It's all about the ingredients you use. And there are a lot more ways to cook food on the stove top other than in a pan.

Great Stove Top Recipes for Dinner!

The following is my list of awesome recipes made on the stove top. They are perfect for any occasion and for any size of family.

Chicken Stir Fry Recipe

I am in the process of posting all of my recipes and would appreciate help supplying recipes. Please let me know if you have some stove top recipes you'd like to share so I can add it to the site.

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