BBQ Recipes from My Backyard to Yours!

My BBQ Recipes, short for barbecue (my favorite method of cooking), comes straight from the King of the Grill (at least at my castle). Grilling food on the barbie is by far one of the best and healthiest ways to cook any type of meat and vegetable, as long as you pay attention and don't make the fire too hot.

Cooking BBQ Recipes on the Grill

I love barbecuing dinner any time of the year, though in can get rather cold and uncomfortable in the winter, but that also depends on where you're from in the world. Regardless, nothing tastes better than your favorite meats and vegetables cooked over an open flame or hot coals.

A barbecue, whether it is charcoal or natural gas,  not only cooks your meat more evenly, it also effectively burns off most of the fatty oils that other cooking methods do not. The best part is that it makes any food taste great!

I do have a secret that always earns me rave reviews each time I grill out.

It's All About Temperature and Time for Great BBQ Recipes

My secret isn't really all that. Anybody who's anybody knows that you need the perfect temperature and time to cook on a grill. And of course never leaving the BBQ for more than four minutes at a time while cooking.

Not all barbecue cookers are created equally. I use and prefer to cook on a four-burner natural gas grill. Charcoal grills are also great, but heat a lot differently.

No matter which type of grill you are using for your BBQ recipes, always start out burning the grill at a high temperature for about ten minutes to kill off any germs or bacterias on the food grates. Once everything on the grate is turned to ash, scrape with a grill brush and turn it down to your desired cooking temperature.

Depending on the size of the dinner, the amount of foods, and the type of foods I am cooking on the grill at one time, I turn down all of the burners to low or put the food in the middle and turn off the middle burner, leaving the outside burners on medium low for an average temperature within the grill of about 350 degrees.

Not all BBQ recipes, including fish such as salmon, don't always require to be flipped if you are cooking with indirect heat (not right above hot coals or the burner), but any thicker meats or vegetables should be flipped regularly while cooking.

To get your meat cooked to perfection every time (perfect meaning soft, moist, and not burnt), flip often (about every three to five minutes). This keeps it from burning and makes it mouth watering good.

Also, when you marinate meats, most of the marinade burns off during the cooking process. This is one reason I cook at lower temperatures. You should also keep some marinade on the side (not left over from the actual marinade process) and baste the meat after every flip to keep the meat juicy and full of flavor.

Below are my special barbecue recipes for any great dinner.

BBQ Recipes for the King of the Grill!

The following are my best recipes for cooking meat, fish, seafood, and vegetables using a barbecue grill. Please let me know if you have a fantastic recipe that isn't in my list so I can add it to the site. You will get credit for it and you could win a great prize.

Guamanian Chicken

Barbecue Pork Ribs

Teriyaki T-Bone Steak Recipe

Grill London Broil

Best Hamburger Recipe

Barbecue Chicken

Cleaning a grill is very important after using it. Any time you finish cooking on the outdoor grill, be sure to clean your grill using this step-by-step instructions. This will not only help maintain your grill in tip top shape, but it will also extend the life of your grill by years.

Do you have your own grilling recipe you'd like to share. Don't hold back your secrets. Be sure to submit your BBQ Recipes to include on this site. Life's too short to keep your greatest creations a secret.

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