Chicken Dinner Recipes

Chicken dinner recipes always seem to be high in demand. Either this is the cheapest meat at the store or the simple fact that everyone loves chicken makes wanting new ideas for cooking chicken a necessity.

Chicken Dinner Recipes

There are so many different ways to cook chicken. It is impossible to put them all here, but I will try to give you some ideas as well as some great recipes to help satisfy that need for cooking and eating chicken.

Many cuts of chicken tempt you from the supermarket refrigerators. There are whole chickens, half chickens, chicken breasts, thighs, wings, legs, hearts, gizzards, livers, and necks. There is baking, frying, broiling, grilling, steaming, slow cooking, and smoking as various methods to cook the various pieces of chicken. Then there is breaded, skin on, skin off, barbecue, casserole, and rubbed.

No matter how you prepare your chicken, it's usually very good. You just need a change every now and then to keep it interesting for your family.

When cooking any type of poultry, internal meat temperature is very important. Anyone who eats chicken needs to know that it is very susceptible to salmonella, a type of bacterium that causes food poisoning. It is very important during the preparation and cooking stages to make sure your prepping area is kept clean, to only use cutting and other utensils for the chicken, clean up after working with the chicken, clean your hands often, and cook it to the correct temperature.

Pretty much any spice or sauce can be added to chicken dinner recipes in order to flavor it up. Your options are limitless when it comes to making dinner for the family.

From a healthy perspective, chicken is a great source of protein for any diet. One cup of chopped chicken contains about 43 grams of protein. As long as the meat is fresh and not processed, you can count it in any diet.

When looking for a good recipe for chicken, think of your likes and dislikes, how you like to cook, and whatever you want to cook with it on the side. Pretty much anything goes with chicken. You can have corn, green beans, asparagus, baked beans, salad, zucchini, squash, carrots, or a combination of any of them.

If you are looking to save time cooking dinner, think about cutting the chicken in smaller, thinner pieces and frying it. If time doesn't matter, smoking chicken adds great flavor and makes the chicken melt in your mouth. It is also a great compliment for other recipes such as salad, casseroles, soups, and chili.

Find the perfect chicken dinner recipe for your family by using the recipes below.

The Best Chicken Dinner Recipes

Below are the best chicken recipes for dinner that I personally use all of the time. Be sure to take notes as you prepare your meal and create your own best recipes.

Chicken Teriyaki Recipe. This Chicken Teriyaki recipe is for either baking or grilling and is a great meal for any night of the week. Easy to prepare and cook.

Guamanian Chicken. My Grilled Guamanian Chicken recipe is the best barbecue chicken I've ever cooked, passed on to me by a Guamanian cook.

Chicken Stir Fry Recipe. Chicken stir fry recipe is a quick and easy solution for what to make for dinner that includes protein and vegetables.

Beer Can Chicken. Beer Can Chicken, also known as Beer Butt Chicken, is an American favorite with tasty, fall off the bone chicken your whole family will love.

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